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Tented Camps – Glamping in the African bush

If your idea of staying in a tent means having to rough it; you’re in for a wonderful surprise: Tanzania’s tented camps offer a softer kind of adventure with all the comfort and the trimmings you’d expect from a luxury safari lodge. Imagine glamping instead of camping.

What to expect?

Aside from canvas walls and screen windows, your average tents and luxury safari tents have very little in common. Although a tented camp shares many of the comforts of its hotel counterpart, it offers so much more for those wishing to get closer to nature.

Most safari camps have just 6-8 tents, so you’ll be sharing your own little slice of paradise in the savannah with fewer people. And fewer people means a more personal safari experience. The meals are often far superior in tented camps as they are cooking for a smaller number of people.

Glamping means proper beds with mattresses, pillows and duvets, lamps on the bedside tables and en-suite bathrooms. Your tent will have at least one basin with running water and a flush toilet.

Even if you don’t consider yourself the camping type, we highly recommend booking a few nights in a tented camp – it will be a highlight of your African safari!

We offer tented camps and lodges to suit every budget.

Camping Safaris

Our camping safaris are perfect for nature lovers who are ready to experience the African wilderness away from the comforts of home. There is something thrilling about staying in a tent on safari. Instead of being shut away behind brick and glass, enjoy the glow of lantern light on canvas walls and drift off to sleep to the sounds of the African night.  Any visit to the bush is a magical experience but nothing is quite as magical as being able to experience the sights and sounds of the bush while sleeping under the stars.

What to expect on our camping safaris

We camp at public and private campsites, either within the national parks our just on the outskirts.
Camps are not fenced, but your safety is always guaranteed. All campsites have shower and toilet facilities. Accommodation will be in 2 person waterproof tents, with comfortable mattresses and sleeping bags. Our cook will make sure that you are well taken care of. The camp and food will be set up for you, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation.


Though attacks by wild animals are unusual, nothing in the African wilderness is predictable. While you are staying in your safari lodges and camps, it is important to be especially cautious and aware of your surroundings as many of these areas are not fenced and contain wildlife roaming freely.


We offer unlimited game drives on all of our safaris with no restrictions of mileage or fuel. A daily decision to be made is whether to have breakfast and lunch at the tented camp or lodge or a picnic box in the bush. Picnic boxes for breakfast and lunch are prepared on a daily basis at each respective accommodation according to your itinerary. Simply discuss with your guide the next day activity and we will prepare accordingly. Your private safari will allow the flexibility of how you choose to spend your time. While on the game drives, we provide you with fresh water and soft drinks perfectly chilled from a cooler box.

All of our cars are 4×4 Toyota Landcruisers modified with pop up roofs for ideal game watching. Our guides are in constant radio contact with other drivers to know where the best sightings are. Please be prepared for bumpy and dusty roads across the parks, especially when traveling between the Ngorongoro and Serengeti. Our driver-guides are extremely professional and sympathetic to bathroom dilemmas and will ensure you are comfortable and accommodated to your needs.

While on safari, you may encounter the tsetse fly in woodlands of Tarangire and some regions of the Serengeti. Tsetse fly resemble larger flies with a stinger, and while most have no adverse reaction to the bites, some may experience swelling and itchiness. Tsetse flies are attracted to dark blue and black colors. Light natural colors such as khaki, brown, olive, beige and green are recommended and should be worn during the day.

It is recommended to stay inside your vehicles at all times when you are in the national parks, unless your driver-guide finds a safe area to stop for lunch, or to stretch your legs.


Our tipping guideline is 15 to 20 USD per client per day to the driver guide, though it is ultimately up to the clients’ discretion to decide what amount is appropriate depending on the overall satisfaction and safari experience.
The recommended currency for tipping is in USD cash, and it is customary for the guests to tip at the end of their safari.